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Almost there!


Hello all! – Not long to go before we can open our doors once again on May 17th – we really can’t wait to get back behind the bar and show you all what we’ve been up to.

Bookings are now live so head over to our reservation page to reserve a space.

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Cocktail Specials

Pear Pressure

SilentPool Gin – Poached Garam Masala Pears – Citrus

A short Gin sour with the fresh autumnal flavour of pear, poached in boozy goodness. A little spice from Garam Masala gives this drink extra excitement and depth.

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We opening this saturday night, and to make sure everyone is as safe posible we,ve spread our tables and are permanently opening our upstairs room.

Spaces are limited though so make sure you book ahead to secure a place on opening night!

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Exciting News soon!!

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Tune in to the best Plotting Parlour beats of the last few weeks! Don’t forget to follow us on spotify @theplotingparlour 


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